Tchupiki in Bouncyland 1.78 released

Just released a new version, check it out here .

What changed:
Improved sluggish gameplay on slower devices.
A hopefully final bugfixing in cutscenes.
Other various bugfixing seriously not deserving an explanation.

Also released a few new clips on Youtube to show the latest version of Tchupiki in Bouncyland.

Tchupiki in Bouncyland 1.77 released

Hi all! I’ve fixed and updated many bugs and details in the latest version of Tchupiki in Bouncyland, here’a short list:

Updated challenge modes gameplay and graphic elements.
Updated some levels and graphic elements in adventure mode to improve gameplay.
Improved levels and UI transitions.
Fixed bug in checkpoints sound effects. Various other minor bugfixing.

Tchupiki in Bouncyland 1.76 released

Hi all, just a small update released yesterday to fix a problems with cutscenes not being shown in the game.
I’ve also changed a few static graphic elements to animated ones, hope you’ll like ’em!
A few minor bugs fixed too.
Download the latest release from the Google Play Store.

Welcome to IndyM Software

Hi there! I’m Ivan Perfetti, a software developer and this is my dev blog and showcase page.
I’ve recently published Tchupiki in Bouncyland on the Google Play Store, a retro styled bouncy platform game designed for mobile; as of now only available for Android.
I’m now working on other projects, I’m going to post some news soon.
Feel free to contact me for information, requests or whatever or leave a comment, thanks!